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Collide of Scope – Our first foray into interactive film-making. A film aimed at the Virtual Reality Market. We experience life and limbo “The Black Space” through the eyes of 4 main characters as we make their choices for each character.  This incredible story demonstrates the true potential of interactive filmmaking and cinematic video game experiences.

Status: Development             Collide of Scope VR 1 Page


Jesus vs. Sasquatch – In the battle for the title of the “Messiah” Jesus is forced to square off with Sasquatch in a battle to the death. Who will be the true savior of mankind?

Status: Development


Slingshot: Drifting on 3 Wheels – Slingshot: A high-stakes racing movie centered around the 3-wheeled recreational vehicle known as the Polaris Slingshot.

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The Legend of Forrest Fenn’s Gold – People from all over America are joining in a real life treasure hunt that takes place in the Rocky Mountains. Teams will have to work with one another to help reveal clues to the treasure left by millionaire art collector Forrest Fenn.

Status: Development

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Moonshine Kingdom – This high energy Dark Action Comedy is about group of four moonshiners from southern Ohio who are given an opportunity they can not refuse. They are asked to do the unspeakable crime of teaching an outsider, how to make the family’s special moonshine recipe, and to make matters worse it turns out that the students are a group of thugs from the city, who have probably never been to the country before. Needless to say things do not end up going as planned for either side, and the result is a chaos ridden adventure that will leave you guessing all the way to the end.

Status: Finished – Rights Available   EPK PDF